Stone Products

Three-Quarter Inch Stone - our decorative ¾” stone is a highly popular "hardscape"
material which has multiple uses around your property. Stone can be used as Mulch,
Ground Cover, Walkways, Driveways and Filler around Pools and Patios. Stone helps
retain soil moisture, reduces weed growth, enhances drainage, and provides excellent
erosion control.

Stone Dust - is a very fine pulverized Granite Stone ground to the consistency of sand.
Used for a base on patios and walkways. Stone Dust is also used for sweeping into the
joints of brick walkways and patio surfaces.

Dense Grade Stone - is a combination of three-quartesr stone and stone dust. Dense Grade
Stone is commonly used for as a base for concrete pavers, and asphalt driveways and walkways.

All Stone Products are available for pickup or delivery.

To figure out how much Stone you need: multiply the length x width of the
area and divide by 100. This will give you the number of yards you need
for approximately 3" deep.