We offer 100% Natural Bark Mulch rich color and texture, with no color enhancements added.
We carry Hemlock, Light Pine, and Dark Aged Pine. We also have Kid Kushion for playground areas.
Mulching helps to retain moisture in the soil, and reduce the rate of weed growth.


Our Screened Loam is perfect for lawn installation or garden projects.

Both Mulch and Loam are available for pickup and delivery.

To figure out how much Mulch or Loam you need: multiply the length x width of the area
and divide by 100. This will give you the number of yards you need for approximately 3" deep.


Our Firewood is sold and delivered by the Cord, and Half Cord. All our Firewood is Seasoned,
providing the best possible burn for your Fireplace or Wood Burning Stove.

The dimensions of a "Standard Cord" is a stack of wood piled 8' long, 4' wide and 4' high.
We suggest Firewood orders be placed well in advance of the heating season.